MOMS Club of Corning, NY

The MOMS Club of Corning, NY offers a variety of activities that take place primarily during the day because that is when stay-at-home moms need the most support.

About the Club April 9, 2010

The MOMS Club of Corning is a stay at home moms support group.  We are associated with International MOMS Club  –

We are a diverse group of women with different values and philosophies of child rearing and discipline.



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Our $20 annual dues will cover printing and advertising; office, party and craft supplies; and our community service project(s). No membership will be denied because of financial hardship. Dues can be waived with special consideration and will be kept confidential. Two events (General Meeting, public event, or combination) may be attended before dues are paid.

· The second Monday of every month at 10:00 at the Grace United Methodist Church we have a general discussion meeting where we talk about a topic close to stay at home Moms. Previous topics include potty training, sharing, sleeping, and stretching a paycheck.

· During the school year we meet twice a month in the gymnasium the Church . The moms get a chance to talk and get to know each other while the children play.

· Throughout the month we have coffee dates, field trips, play dates, celebrations, craft and music times, and breakfast/lunch outings.